ENDUROCADD® Software Links with Spanman.net

ENDUROFRAME® has a proud history of providing extensive engineering support to its clients, and we have continued this tradition by linking the ENDUROCADD® software with the Spanman.net engineering tool.

Everyone in this trade knows you need to start with a solid foundation, and there is no better foundation for designing steel-framed structures than the ENDUROCADD® software. This is the only steel framing software package that has been independently certified to comply with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Protocol for Structural Software Version 2011.1. It is capable of not only generating highly-accurate 3D models of the ENDUROFRAME® system, but also providing comprehensive engineering computations for roof and floor trusses, wall bracing, and dozens of connection options.

The ENDUROCADD® software ensures you can optimise designs that have either been tested or signed off on by a registered engineer.

Backing up this outstanding software application are the ENDUROFRAME® design manuals, which provide extensive certified design solutions for walls, headers, rafters, beams, bracing, tie-downs, and connections.

Now designing structural components using the ENDUROCADD® software has become even easier through an integration with the leading online structural design portal, Spanman.net. See Spanman.

Spanman.net provides detailed calculations any engineer can check for a huge range of steel and timber structural items that can be incorporated into the ENDUROFRAME® building system. These include rafters, purlins, roof and floor beams, lintels, and floor joists. Sections are optimised based on user preferences using state-of-the-art engineering analysis. Calculations and certifications can be quickly generated for a range of building types including residential houses, schools, hospitals and offices.

Additionally, Spanman.net can perform custom load calculations for single or boxed ENDUROFRAME® sections. These sections while can then be selected and then modelled using the ENDUROCADD® software.

Special Offer

ENDUROCADD® software licensees also enjoy a discount of $145 per annum of the regular Spanman.net license fee. To get a discount token, contact the ENDUROFRAME® team via the help desk. See Request Spanman discount.

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The ENDUROCADD® software is rich in features to automate the design of light gauge steel buildings.

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