Build Efficient Steel Frames

The ENDUROFRAME® building system is your opportunity to gain a competitive edge with steel wall frames and trusses all made from 100% termite proof TRUECORE® steel.

Using the ENDUROFRAME® Building System sets your brand apart by allowing you to supply a lightweight, 100% termite proof house frame that appeals to homeowners. Builders around Australia and internationally are choosing the ENDUROFRAME® building system with light gauge TRUECORE® steel for their wall frames, floors and trusses due to its ease of use.

Key Benefits

Lightweight Frames

The ENDUROFRAME® building system optimises the excellent strength-for-weight properties used in the high tensile, ingredient TRUECORE® steel This can make it an easier day for you and your building crew including a reduction in on-site safety risks associated with lifting bulky, heavy frames.

Termite and Borer Proof

The ENDUROFRAME® building system is made from TRUECORE® steel, so it’s 100% termite and borer proof. Because of this, the frames don’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them.

Complies with Applicable Australian Standards

Frames designed with the ENDUROCADD® software have calculations which are independently audited to check compliance with applicable Australian standards.


The ENDUROFRAME® building system uses TRUECORE® steel that comes with a warranty of up to 50 years for eligible applicants (T&Cs apply) from BlueScope Steel*. A great reassurance in anyone’s book!

For more information on the 50-year warranty, see the TRUECORE® steel warranty page.

Installation Manuals

Extensive installation manuals, videos, and single page installation sheets make it easy to understand how to install the ENDUROFRAME® system.

Tried & Tested

The ENDUROFRAME® system and its predecessors have been used in building sites around the world for over 20 years. This means the system has been rigorously tested and proven to perform in the real world.

Similar to Timber

The ENDUROTRUSS® framing system has truss members in the same plane as timber trusses. Installation is similar but, in many cases, lighter than typical timber trusses.

Builder Friendly

There are many features to make installing the ENDUROFRAME® system fast and easy. Walls are straight and true, so no time consuming straightening on site. Additional service holes punched mean plumbers and electricians can quickly run services without drilling lots of additional holes. And this is just the start!

Unique Features in the ENDUROFRAME® Building System

The ENDUROFRAME® building system has been developed with the builder in mind. There are many unique features which make installation simple either by reducing weight, or speeding up the build process, which has the potential to save both time and money*. Check out the items below which are just a few of the features to put a smile on a builder’s face!

Boxed Top Plate

Top plates are boxed when capacity of top plate is exceeded. Reduces steel cost instead of inserting an additional stud under truss.

Face fixed nogging

Face Fixed Nogging

Nogging can be rotated 90 degrees and inserted on either or both faces of studs. Provides an excellent fixing attachment for shelves or other heavy loads.

Beam Headers above Openings

Beam lintels enable purlins or any other section above an opening to provide a high capacity, low cost header. Dozens of options can be selected, including ENDUROFRAME® sections.

Floor Joists aligned with Studs

PATENTED FEATURE! No more measuring out floor joist locations or installing blocking at the ends of joists. The ENDUROFLOOR® joists simply slide between notches in top plates and fix directly to the side of studs. Not only is this fast but it also provides excellent load transfer ability.

Wall Tiedowns Inserted in Studs & Tiedown marked on studs

PATENTED FEATURE! Placing tie down brackets on the bottom of studs can be laborious and confusing to know where to put them. The ENDUROWALL® bent tab replaces the need to a bracket and provides excellent uplift resistance. The pre-punched holes also mean the location of bolts can be accurately positioned away from slab edges. There is also an option to inkjet mark the type of bolt to use!

Hip End Rafters Aligned with Trusses

Getting rafters on hip ends aligned with trusses and the pitching perimeter can be tricky and require careful measurement and cutting. Not so with the ENDUROTRUSS®! Holes are pre-punched in rafters and truss top chords to perfectly position rafters with trusses taking the guess work out the process. Tabs are even formed to connect common rafters with hip rafters.

Floor joist step downs

Cutting and trimming joists for shower set downs is time consuming. The ENDUROFLOOR® system avoids this by automatically stepping joists down where it is required. Joists are engineered with the step down. No cutting or measuring required!

Additional Service Holes

No plumber or electrician likes to manually cut or drill service holes because there were not enough inserted in the first place. The ENDURO® rollformer comes with a pair of service hole punches so provides twice as many service holes as typical rollformers with a single service hole punch without affecting production speeds.

Truss Restraints

Truss restraints are custom made angles or U sections that span between adjacent trusses, and fold out to both prop trusses during installation and provide chord restraints. This speeds up truss installation times.

* While all features shown are available in the ENDUROFRAME® system, they may not be selected by all fabricators. Ask for them in your next job if required.

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