Efficient Steel Frame Rollformers

The ENDURO® steel frame rollformer is designed with the factory in mind

This specialist high-speed steel frame rollformer manufactures all the C & U sections, as well as an optional L angle, required for walls, floors, and trusses designed with the ENDUROCADD® software.

Our experienced team can take you through all stages of factory setup and training operators so you can get started making frames quickly.

Key Benefits

one machine makes all components

A single ENDURO® rollformer makes all the light gauge steel components required for roof trusses, wall frames, and floor trusses. The 90mm frames are even suitable for cyclonic areas!

high speed

Punch locations on the ENDURO® rollformer are optimised to ensure the number of times the rollformer needs to stop are minimised, speeding up production times.

Local Support

Our experienced, Australian-based support team can get you up and running quickly and smoothly. With your permission, it is possible for the diagnosis of machine performance to be done remotely.

Easy Assembly

All parts are pre-punched with locating holes and precision notched. Trusses do not need to be flipped during assembly. Dual inkjet printers ensure that parts can be quickly identified for quick assembly and installation.

Strong Sections

Studs and truss sections are made from ribbed C sections which up to 20% stronger than non-ribbed C sections, and do not require crimping for easier assembly.

The Enduroframe system minimises steel frame costs

Brackets made off rollformer

Many brackets are made directly off the rollformer (some require the optional inline slitter).

Easy scheduling icon

Easy Scheduling

The advanced ENDUROHUB® scheduling software sends files from the ENDUROCADD® software to ENDURO® rollformers. It enables frames and trusses to be rollformed in the sequence they need to be stacked. It can even optimise production across multiple rollformers!

Quality components icon

Quality Components

Components used in the rollformer are from industry standard suppliers such as Allen Bradley, Sick, Bonfiglioli, and Markem Imaje making replacements, if required, easy to source in the unlikely event of a breakdown.


Rollformer guarding complies with AS4024.1. Option to add guarding to decoiler. When the tilt-up decoiler is used, coils can be stored in their safe, bore vertical axis.

Tilt-up decoiler

The ENDURO® rollformer has a unique tilting decoiler which enables coils to be safely and quickly loaded by a forklift in the same axis they are delivered. This means no expensive gantry cranes, or storage racks for partially finished coils. Coils can be stored safely with the bore facing vertically and no risk of tipping over. Decoilers can handle up to 1.5 tonnes (with an option to increase to 2 tonnes) and have powered tilt, expand and decoil for smooth, trouble-free operation.

Optional interlocked guarding shown in the video.

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Find out more about the sections that are manufactured on the ENDURO® rollformer.

The ENDURO Rollformer has more punches than other leading rollformers. This means more framing features are possible, and faster rollforming speeds due to less stopping.

ENDURO® rollformers can manufacture a C profile and a corresponding U profile, with the option of making an L angle. Change over takes a few minutes with the adjustment from ribbed to unribbed sections carried out at the press of a button.

C profile with dimensions shown

C Profile

The C profile manufactured from the ENDURO® rollformer is asymmetrical to enable boxing of sections where it is required. Sections simply snap together. Ribs are 20% to the strength of the profile to minimise steel usage. Used for truss chords & webs, and studs. Depths are 70mm, 75mm, and 90mm depending on rollformer.

U profile made off the ENDURO rollformer

U Profile

The U profile from the ENDURO® rollformer is slightly wider than the corresponding C profile to ensure that studs do not need to be crimped and can smoothly fit into noggings and plates. Studs can also nest tightly into plates providing strong load bearing connections. The wider plate means wall panels can be easily adjusted if studs or openings need to be moved. Depths are 72.5mm, 77.5mm or 92.5mm depending on rollformer

L Angle (optional)

The L profile is created by engaging the optional inline slitter to slit U profile into 2 parts. An increasing number of brackets made from angles are being developed with design values to minimise the cost of bought brackets. It is also a handy option to use as trim angle. The return leg is 35mm, 37.5mm or 45mm depending on the rollformer.

ComponentPart NumberThickness (mm)Mass (kg/m)Area (mm^2)Ixx (10^4 mm^4)Iyy (10^4 mm^4)Torsion J (mm^4)Iw (10^6 mm^6)Zxx (10^3 mm^3)Zyy (10^3 mm^3)Rx (mm)Ry (mm)
70 x 40 x 0.55 Ribbed C StudC7055ra0.550.68286.97.061.7058.7716.622.0140.63328.514.01
70 x 40 x 0.75 Ribbed C StudC7075ra0.750.921118.59.6242.32522.2422.672.7470.86328.514.01
70 x 40 x 1.0 Ribbed C StudC7010ra11.2215812.683.03952.4529.313.6311.13428.3313.87
73.5 x 43 x0.75 PlateU704475G5500.750.921118.52.28310.6521.9320.640.7372.92913.8829.98
73.5 x43 x1.0 PlateU704410G55011.221583.01514.0551.7727.030.9773.87613.8129.82
75 x 40 x 0.55 Ribbed C StudC7555ra0.550.7898.261.759.0519.32.190.6530.4614.02
75 x 40 x 0.75 Ribbed C StudC7575ra0.750.9612211.272.3822.9426.32.980.8930.3913.97
75 x 40 x 1.0 Ribbed C StudC7510ra11.2816314.783.0953.9333.753.931.1730.1113.77
78.5 x 43 x 0.75 PlateU754475G5500.750.961222.3312.3622.6324.110.743.1813.8231.83
78.5 x43 x 1.0 PlateU754410G55011.281633.0816.353.4431.590.984.2113.7531.62
90 x 40 x 0.55 Ribbed C StudC9055ra0.550.779812.771.99.9829.472.820.6835.9213.87
90 x 40 x 0.75 Ribbed C StudC9075ra0.751.0413317.132.5325.0538.863.790.8935.8913.79
90 x 40 x 1.0 Ribbed C StudC9010ra11.417822.63.3159.1150.385.021.1735.6313.64
90 x 40 x 1.2 Ribbed C StudC9012ra1.21.6821427.54.2103.866.416.131.5235.8814.02
93.5 x 43 x 0.75 PlateU904475G5500.751.041332.4618.4124.7436.460.763.9613.6137.19
93.5 x 43 x 1.0 PlateU904410G55011.41783.2624.358.4447.851.015.2513.5236.95
93.5 x 43 x 1.2 PlateU904412G5501.21.682143.9129.1610157.411.216.313.5136.91

3 ENDURO® Rollformer Options to Choose From

Feature Details

Machine Type




C Section Depth
U Section Depth
Gauges (BMT)
0.55mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm
0.55mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
Feed width

ENDURO® 70 Benefits

  • Economical Truss Design

    Efficient profile with good spanning abilities.

  • Largest gap between truss top and bottom chords

    Added space for plumbing and ducting in floor joists.

ENDURO® 75 Benefits

  • Economical Truss Design

    Efficient profile with good spanning abilities.

  • Good all-round performance

    Extensive wall frame design tables for non-cyclonic areas

ENDURO® 90 Benefits

  • High Capacity Stud Design

    Suitable for multi-storey applications.

  • Cyclonic wall frame design tables

    Design tables up to C4 wind regions.

ENDURO® Steel Frame Rollformer Accessories

While not essential for operation, these accessories add even more functionality to the ENDURO® rollformer.

Angles generated from in-line slitter

In-Line Slitter

The inline slitter is a popular addition to any ENDURO® rollformer and provides the ability to make angles and brackets.

Cut Back Shear

The cut back shear is hydraulically operated to quietly and safely cut C and U sections produced at coil ends into usable lengths. It removes the need for noisy and dusty saws or angle grinders which can also be dangerous.

Decoiler safety guarding

Decoiler Guarding

The decoiler guarding fits tightly around the decoiler to ensure that all moving parts in the rollformer cannot be accessed while the rollformer is operating. The gate contains an interlock switch which prevents the rollformer from operating when the gate is open. The gate can be positioned on any side of the rollformer.

Standard Inclusions with ENDURO® Steel Frame Rollformer*

* Additional charges may apply for delivery outside Australian capital cities.


The ENDUROHUB® Portal is a powerful tool to help you take control of your factory’s performance and achieve your manufacturing goals. By providing real-time feedback from your rollformer and assembly teams, you can optimize your processes, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve your bottom line. With detailed manufacturing lists, machine downtime reports, and scrap rates, you can identify areas for improvement and take action to boost your productivity. And by generating custom reports, you can stay on top of your production and delivery timelines to deliver outstanding results for your customers. Believe in the power of your factory performance and let the ENDUROHUB® Portal be your guide to success.

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