Efficient Steel Frame Software

The ENDUROCADD® steel frame software is the key feature of the ENDUROFRAME® building system. It's used to detail and engineer light gauge steel house frames for manufacture using the ENDURO® rollformer.

The ability to design and build a wide variety of steel frame buildings starts with the software used to model all the parts digitally. 

The ENDUROCADD® software system is the only light gauge steel framing design and detailing software package to be entirely self-certified in accordance with the ABCB Protocol for Structural Software.

Key Benefits

Integrated System

The ENDUROCADD® software has been designed around the ENDURO® rollformer and the ENDUROFRAME® Building System to ensure they work together as a whole. Engineering calculations are carried out within a single program with no need to export to another program.

Self Certification

Jobs that fall within self-certification requirements defined by the ABCB Protocol for Structural Software do not need signing off by an engineer. This can save time and money.

Complies with Applicable Australian Standards

The ENDUROCADD® steel frame software is independently audited for compliance with applicable Australian standards.

Automated Rules

User-defined automated rules ensure that trusses, wall panels and floor joists are built quickly and accurately, saving detailer time compared to manually inserting each time.

Design Manuals

Extensive design manuals complement the ENDUROCADD® steel frame software ensuring a complete design not only covering ENDUROFRAME® sections.

Detailed Costing

Detailed cost reports can be generated including ENDUROFRAME® components, accessories, and fabrication labour based on user inputs.

Tried & Tested

The ENDUROCADD® steel frame software system has been used extensively in steel framing manufacturing plants across the world for over 20 years. This means the system has been rigorously tested and proven to perform.

User Friendly

The ENDUROCADD® software system is a simple yet powerful solution that allows users without specialist CAD skills to quickly detail trusses and wall frames using one program. This can save time and money by allowing you to get started quickly then get the job done without jumping between multiple programs.

BIM Compatible

Walls can be automatically imported into the ENDUROCADD® software and BIM output files can be generated to check against other building elements.


Training available via online videos and tutorials, webinars, and classes organised by experienced Enduroframe staff.

Expanding Detailer Network

There is an expanding network of independent detailers using the ENDUROCADD® software to provide detailing services. There are also many opportunities for detailers who want to provide detailing services.

Cost Effective

ENDUROCADD® software is a cost-effective way to get started detailing light gauge steel frames with licences costing $495 including GST. Steel frame designs with the ENDUROCADD® software can also be a cost effective solution!

Powerful Steel Frame Software for Multiple Building Types

The ENDUROCADD® steel frame software is used in a wide range of building applications providing detailing and engineering capabilities. The gallery below shows 3D models of multiple building types.

Examples of single storey jobs modelled in the ENDUROCADD® software by both Enduroframe and our customers

Single storey jobs are often quite large and can have complex roof shapes. This means that large span trusses are required which can have truss shapes which can vary. All of which is easily possible in the ENDUROCADD® software!

Click on these links to see how these have been modelled using the ENDUROCADD® software.

Examples of 2 storey jobs modelled in the ENDUROCADD® software

2 storey jobs have their own unique design challenges. Structural beams and posts are often required however these can be easily modelled in the ENDUROCADD® software to fit in with joists and walls. Pockets can also easily be created to nest beams into.

In addition, floor joists need to align with studs underneath and be braced. The ENDUROFRAME® system makes this easy using our patented integrated flooring system which fixes joists directly to the side of studs.

These models show the variety of 2 storey jobs that our customers use the ENDUROCADD® software for.

2 storey building

2 Storey - Mermaid Waters

Designed by Ultimate Steel Frames, Gold Coast.

Commercial jobs modelled in the ENDUROCADD® software

Commercial building applications are one of the fastest growing markets for light gauge steel frames, but they are often complex buildings requiring sophisticated design solutions, and extensive engineering. Commercial building applications include multi-storey apartments, child care facilities, schools, aged care facilities, fast food stores, and hospitals, to name a few.

The large spanning capacities of the ENDUROFRAME® system mean that often the structural steel quantities can be replaced using ENDUROFRAME® sections, reducing cost and providing a competitive advantage. Below are features in the ENDUROCADD software to make

Click on the links below to see  jobs detailed by ENDUROCADD® software licensees.

Fast food store designed in ENDUROCADD

Commercial - Fast Food

Designed by Steer Manufacturing, Melbourne, Victoria.

School designed in Endurocadd

Commercial - School

Designed by Ultimate Steel Frames, Gold Coast, Queensland

Commercial - Aged Care

Designed by Ultimate Steel Frames, Gold Coast, Queensland

Child care building designed in Endurocadd

Commercial - Child Care

Designed by Ultimate Steel Frames, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Easy to use modelling tools for complex building shapes

The building applications that light gauge steel frames are being used in are getting more and more complicated. Ensure you are using a software package that enables you to model – and therefore build – complex buildings.

The ENDUROCADD® software makes this possible with sophisticated modelling tools.

ENDUROCADD® Software Output Sheets

Outputs from the ENDUROCADD® software are comprehensive, yet clear and simple to read, making approvals, assembly and installation straight forward.

A Solid Design Foundation based on Extensive Testing

There are 2 ways capacities for light gauge steel frames can be generated: calculations and testing.

A defining feature of the ENDUROCADD® software is that much of the design calculations are based on hundreds of tests carried out over decades at BlueScope Steel’s NATA accredited laboratory. Tests are carried out on entire trusses, wall panels, and even connections made from the ENDURO® rollformer using TRUECORE® steel.

Generally, testing provides much better capacities than those developed using calculations while providing certainty that frames will perform the same when constructed as they have been designed.

Better capacities mean less steel needs to be used, saving money. This is one reason we see up to 40% less steel being used than many alternative systems.

Comprehensive Library of Construction Details

Light gauge steel frames are much more than just the sections made on a rollformer. There are many connections and brackets required to connect the frame together…..and these need to be engineered!

Developing a full library of details of connections that are approved by an engineer is both time consuming and expensive. Supplying a building without these is potentially dangerous and risky.

The ENDUROFRAME®️ system makes this easy with a comprehensive range of construction details available out-of-the-box prepared by our light gauge steel experts. These are provided as part of the ENDUROCADD®️ software package.

ENDUROCADD® Software Design Support

Designing cost-effective frames is much more than just designing studs and trusses, and guessing the types and sizes of all ancilliary items. The ENDUROCADD® software makes designing frames simple with extensive design manuals. ENDUROFRAME® components can also be used to design building features using the online Spanman calculator. The design manuals include design information for the following.


The following input files can be imported into the ENDUROCADD® software to speed up detailing times:-

  • DXF
  • IFC (walls and openings)
  • PDF
  • Excel (used for detailing schedules)

The following input files can be exported from ENDUROCADD® software:-

  • DXF
  • IFC
  • PDF
  • Excel for costing reports
  • WRL
  • Sketchfab
  • XML

The ENDUROCADD® complies with the ABCB Protocol for Structural Software 2011.2 which describes the essential elements of structural software that can be used for designing in compliance with the NCC Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions as well as general requirements for software documentation, testing, quality assurance and user training.

Calculations carried out in the ENDUROCADD® software comply with the following standards:-

  • NASH Standard – Residential and Low Rise Steel Framing: Part 1 Design Criteria
  • AS/NZS 4600:2018 Cold-Formed Structures
  • AS/NZS 1170.0:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 0 – General Principles
  • AS/NZS 1170.1:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 1 – Permanent, Imposed and Other Actions
  • AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 Structural Design Actions – Wind Actions
  • AS 4055:2021 Wind Loads for Housing
  • AS 4100:1998 Steel Structures
  • BCA 2022 Building Code of Australia
  • Single package for detailing and design
  • Trace from DXF or PDF
  • Import wall IFC file to automatically build walls
  • 3D View including via user-defined viewbox
  • View selected level(s)
  • View numeric control data of any truss, wall or joist
  • Quick export 3D model to Sketchfab
  • One click to Sketchfab reference tool
  • Smart online help system
  • Truss shape automatically built based on roof & ceiling planes
  • Easy adjust truss web spacing
  • Truss connections automatically upgraded based on applied loads
  • Truss chords or webs automatically upgraded based on applied loads
  • Multiple options to select truss construction method
  • Truss costs can be be seen as trusses are edited
  • Holes punched in truss chords and rafters for auto-alignment
  • Trusses can be built around voids such as ducting or beams
  • Automated construction of verges as either gable ladders or outriggers
  • Openings configurable based on truss span and opening width to optimise header type, number of jamb studs and tiedown type
  • Auto-update walls depending on truss span including boxing top plate, aligning stud under truss, truss-wall tiedown, wall tiedown, and wall anchor bolt
  • Studs align to floor joists
  • Joists built with user-defined stepdown
  • Automatically raise walls to roof plane(s) for gable/skillion wall creation

The ENDUROCADD® software does comprehensive take-offs for accurate costing and easy supply including:-

  • All components made on the ENDURO® rollformer
  • All fasteners used for fabrication
  • All brackets used for fabrication
  • Structural steel
  • Strap, K, or Sheet Bracing
  • Truss and Wall frame tiedowns
  • Girder brackets
  • Anchor bolts
  • Roof battens
  • Roof & ceiling bracing

In addition, any other item can be automatically calculated using formulas based on job variables.


How to Purchase

ENDUROCADD® software licenses are included with the purchase of an ENDURO® rollformer, however independent designers can purchase a subscription for $594 per annum. Click here to request a license.

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