ENDUROTRUSS Steel Trusses the Crown on Timber Frames

When the challenge to design a very slender truss to come in under the building height limit without imposing too much on ceiling height, the answer was to go steel!
Originally specified as an all timber construction, the trusses just would not work. The ever helpful Simon Steer of Steer Manufacturing came to the rescue and provided steel trusses incorporating box gutters.
Trusses were supplied in a knock down form for easy assembly on site, saving on freight compared to delivering pre-assembled trusses. Freight costs were also saved as long length members were shortened and spliced on site.
Fabricators can easily assemble the ENDUROTRUSS steel trusses on site. Fabrication drawings are clear and easy to follow. Locating holes mean trusses can only be assembled in one way. The number of screws between chords and webs are inkjet marked on truss webs. Also, short parts can be linked together in truss lots so they are easy to find, a feature that is unique to ENDUROTRUSS.
Both the owner and builder were delighted with the result and commented on how light and easy they were to work with.
Contact Steer Manufacturing in Melbourne on (03) 9357 9800 www.steeraust.com.au to find how they can provide innovative solutions for your project, from a tiny house to a large commercial project.

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