Training the Next Generation of Apprentices How to Build Steel Frames

ENDUROFRAME® is committed to supporting hard-working Australian apprentices in how to build quality steel frames.

That’s why, for the second year in a row, ENDUROFRAME® has partnered with the Wollongong TAFE and Council to help young pre-apprentices pick up valuable skills by completing a real world project.

This year the pre-apprentices used steel frames supplied by ENDUROFRAME® licensee Fortitude Frames to build cabins for the Wollongong Council’s Holiday Park Cabins project. The aim of the course was for the apprentices to build the cabins to a high standard and acquire an apprenticeship at the end of the project.

We are proud to say that the cabins were delivered on time and to a high standard thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. Even better, fifteen of the nineteen pre-apprentices acquired apprenticeships, and importantly for us, have had exposure to working with steel framing.

TAFE apprentices learning steel frames
Wollongong TAFE Apprentices learning steel frames
Wollongong TAFE steel frame training
Training Frames at Wollongong TAFE
cabins built by tafe students
Units made by Wollongong TAFE students

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