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Efficient Steel Frames.

The ENDUROFRAME® building system is the culmination of over 25 years of research and development into light gauge steel frames manufacture. This experience means we can provide an exciting entry to manufacture light gauge steel frames with a package of design software, production management software, rollformer, accessories, and support.

The Enduroframe system minimises steel frame costs

Efficient steel frames

The ENDUROFRAME® system optimises the total cost of designing, manufacturing, and installation of frames through smart engineering and design.

Backed by BlueScope

The ENDUROFRAME® system saves steel by using research to make stronger steel frames from TRUECORE® steel. This means less steel is needed compared to other framing systems.

Flexible Solutions

The ENDUROFRAME® system is suitable for a wide range of building applications from housing to large commercial projects.

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Australian-based support

Our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team can get you quickly started with the ENDUROFRAME® system.

Efficient Light Gauge Steel Rollformers

Helping you Build a Successful Framing Business

The ENDUROFRAME® system has three important parts: the ENDURO® rollformer, the ENDUROCADD® software, and helpful support. These parts work together to make the entry to light steel framing easy and smooth.


The proprietary ENDUROCADD® software is a sophisticated computer aided design tool to model and engineer the ENDUROFRAME® building system. It is the key to ensuring a wide variety of buildings can be efficiently designed and built.


The ENDURO® rollformer is a high speed 3D printer for manufacturing frames in 2 separate profiles with an industry-leading number of punches for optimal flexibility and speed. Includes 2 high resolution inkjet printers for easy part identification.

Installing steel frames


The ENDUROFRAME® system is a cost-effective and fast way to build steel frames. Many builders are choosing it because it has many unique features that speed up construction time.

ENDUROFRAME® Building System: One Machine, Many Applications



Project homes, townhouses, single storey, multi-storey.



Schools, hospitals, clinics, aged care, child care, fast food, hotels, motels, student accommodation.



Workshops, sheds, office extensions



Light weight, highly flexible facades for many types of building and cladding applications



Tiny houses, relocatable houses, bathroom pods.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses

Hip, gable, skillion, bell, mansard, half trusses, modified peak, sloping and coffered ceilings, voids in trusses for ducting & services. Spans up to 25m depending on design properties.

Wall Frames

Wall Frames

Parallel, sloping top plate, sloping bottom plate, step ups.

Floor Joists

Floor Joists

Large span joists with step downs able to be built into joists.
Installing roof trusses


Integrated Equipment & Software

The ENDURO® rollformer and ENDUROCADD® software are developed to work seamlessly together for smooth operation.

Complies with Applicable Australian STandards

All structural design calculations are done to the National Construction Code and comply with the latest applicable standards.

Complies with the ABCB Protocol for Structural software

The ENDUROCADD® software is independently audited to confirm compliance against this protocol. Jobs that fall within the scope of this protocol can be signed off by a trained software user instead of an engineer. This can save time and money.

Builder Friendly

The ENDUROFRAME® building system has been designed with the builder in mind. As the framing system is fully tested in BlueScope Steel's NATA accredited laboratory, and refined with input from thousands of real job builds. This makes it efficient in steel yet still structurally sound. The result is a lighter weight framing system that's practical on a building site..

Fast to Assemble

The ENDUROTRUSS® system is entirely self-jigging and screwed together from the top side only without any welding or bolts, so is quick to assemble in the factory. Also, you won’t waste time figuring out where parts go because the fabrication sheets output from the ENDUROCADD® software show exactly where each part goes and clearly state how many screws are required for fixing.

Used by the following independent licensees around Australia and globally

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