Reduce Truss Costs with ENDUROCADD® Truss Statistics

Many framing licensees are looking for a way to reduce their roof truss costs. The ENDUROFRAME® system has many ways to reduce the cost of roof trusses which we talk about here.

We have been really pleased to see the uptake of this function since it was released. In case you missed it, I am pleased to provide the details again. 

There are many ways a detailer can reduce the cost of a truss: adjust the number of webs, change the truss spacing, to name a few. Even adjusting the truss gauge can make a big difference. Sometimes increasing the truss gauge can reduce the cost because it reduces the number of screws and amount of boxing. Getting the selections right can reduce the manufactured costs of some trusses by up to 50%.
There is no ‘one size fits all solution’ as material, labour, and accessory costs vary depending on where in the world a fabricator is located.
The ENDUROCADD® software includes a new feature to see what the cost of each truss is, and how it changes with each edit. Users can insert their own material and fabrication labour costs to see what truss configuration provides the lowest cost when editing the truss.
The weight and cost of a truss is shown in the web editor menu and is updated with each design iteration so it is possible to see if changes increase or decrease the truss cost.
In addition to material costs which are entered in the Partdatauser spreadsheet, rollforming and fabrication labour costs can be included in the Fabrication window. You can get a good indication of which truss configurations optimise costs based on your own specific input costs.

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Watch the video below for more information on how to reduce truss costs.

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